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If you suspect or know of any child who is being harmed, call theFlorida Abuse Hotline at (800) 962-2873 or TDD (800) 453-5145.
If you see a child in immediate danger, call 911.

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The mission of Child Guardians, Inc. is to help abused, neglected, or abandoned children through its direct funding of children’s needs, and through support of organizations serving these children in the Florida counties of Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa and Walton.

We dedicate this web site to the more than 1 million children and youth who are victims of maltreatment each year. Many victims don’t receive help because they are not reported to the system. These abused and neglected children span all ages, races, religions , and socio-economic backgrounds.

Child maltreatment includes actions that result in imminent risk of serious harm, death, serious physical or emotional harm, sexual abuse or exploitation of a child under age 18 by a parent or caretaker. This is a CALL TO ACTION!

Using the resources presented here, educate yourself, and “one child at a time”, assist us in providing funding for the unmet needs of our most vulnerable children.

Here are a few ways you can help us ensure that achieve those goals.


Volunteers are always needed for special events and fundraisers, and we are always looking for vital candidates to join our Board of Directors.  If you would like to participate, write a note to our organization – or – speak with one our Board Members today!


Let your legislators know that funding for children’s programs and organizations assisting this population is CRITICAL to ensure the safety of abused, neglected, and abandoned children.


Make a donation to Child Guardians for use in the Brandon Fund- 100% of the funds are distributed to abused, neglected, or abandoned children.


Ask your company, church, or civic organization to hold a fundraiser for Child Guardians to directly support children or youth who have been abused, neglected, or abandoned . Contact a Board Member to   ask more questions or schedule a fundraiser.


By registering and choosing Child Guardians as your charity at, you can shop at any of the thousands of stores that donate a percentage of your sale to Child Guardians, Inc.

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Parent/Guardian & Volunteer Resources

Parent/Guardian & Volunteer Resources
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Additional resources

1. “National Kids Count”  – National Kids Count Data For Florida & US      Web Version

  • Statistics related to the population of the four counties served, types of maltreatment, and ages of children who are victims of maltreatment.

2.  WEB SITES of High Interest for Child Abuse, Neglect and Abandonment:

3.  Local Resource Listings

List of Local Human Service Resources for our Four-county Area :(Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, and Walton Counties, Florida)

4. Adoption in Florida

  • Adopt Florida – A Comprehensive Guide to Adoption Including Local Resources and Agencies

5. Transitioning Youth from Foster Care

6.  Academic Resources for Parents/Caregivers and Volunteers

  1. The Khan Academy – on-line tutoring source (FREE ON-LINE TUTORING) on a wide variety of topics for children and adults)
  2. Family Fun Reading Activities (Reading activities for all ages from the Florida Department of Education)

Florida Laws, Definitions: Abuse, Adoption & Foster Care

The following information is specific to the State of Florida.  If you reside in another state, you can utilize a search engine to find specific information related to your State Statutes.  For example, search, “Child abuse and neglect laws in Georgia”.

Abuse Hotline | Florida Department of Children and Families

Any allegations a child was abused or neglected by a caregiver will be  transferred to the appropriate local law enforcement agency where the child lives.

  1. 827.03 – Statutes & Constitution :View Statutes : Online Sunshine…

    Florida Legislature

    Online Sunshine Logo. Official Internet Site of the Florida Legislature  827.03 Abuse, aggravated abuse, and neglect of a child; penalties.—. (1) DEFINITIONS.

  2. 39.201 – Statutes & Constitution :View Statutes : Online Sunshine…

    Florida Legislature

    Official Internet Site of the Florida Legislature  39.201 Mandatory reports of child abuse, abandonment, or neglect; mandatory reports of death; central abuse 

  3. [PDF]

    Definitions from Florida Statutes Chapter 39 (b) “Child abuse

    (b) “Child abuse” means abandonment, abuse, harm, mental injury, neglect,  childor, in the absence of a parent or legal custodian, the caregiver, while being 

  4. [PDF]

    DCF Reporting Abuse of Children and Vulnerable Adults – Florida

    The name of any person reporting child abuse, neglect or abandonment,  protective services, the Florida Abuse Hotline, law enforcement, the Child Protection.

  5. Chapter 827 Section 03 – 2011 Florida Statutes – The Florida Senate › … › Title XLVI › Chapter 827

    Florida Senate

    Abuse, aggravated abuse, and neglect of a child penalties.  A person who commits aggravated child abuse commits a felony of the first degree, punishable as 

  6. Definitions of Child Abuse and Neglect…/define.cfm

    Provides State laws that define the conduct, acts, and omissions that constitute child abuse or neglect that must be reported to child protective agencies.

  7. [PDF]

    Child Abuse Prevention Sourcebook for Florida School Personnel

    Florida Department of Education
    by COF FORM – ‎Related articles

    Recognizing the Abused or Neglected Child .  ……………………………………7. C. Indicators of Child Abuse and Neglect .  A. Florida Law on Reporting Child Abuse .

  8. [PDF]

    a professionals guide to child abuse and neglect in florida

    the first line of defense against child abuse and neglect. Suspicion on the part of a teacher, school nurse, childcare provider, physician or law enforcement officer 


    Florida Department of Children and Families – All Programs

    Adoption and Foster Care

    Domestic Violence


Learn More

National Hotline for Child Abuse:  1-800-799-7233

Want to Learn More?  Explore the following websites

for different perspectives on child maltreatment.

Topics:  Child Exploitation, Long Term Effects/Consequences, Connections between Domestic Violence and Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, Prevention, and Legal Guardianship

1.  Innocents Lost by the Miami Herald

2.  Child Exploitation by the U.S. Department of Justice

3.  Long Term Effects/Consequences

 4.  Recognizing, Preventing, and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect

  • Helpguide – child abuse:  physical, emotional, sexual, and neglect

5.  Child Maltreatment and Domestic Violence

6.  The Overlap between Child Maltreatment and Domestic Violence

  • National Coalition against Domestic Violence

  •  Favor House of NW Florida


9.  Prevention

  • Prevention Programs – Effective and Promising

10.  Legal Guardianship

  • U.S. Department of Human Services

Who We Are

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Who we are

Child Guardians, Inc. is a nonprofit organization, 501(C)(3)

Child Guardian Mission Statement

Adopted April 13, 2012

The mission of Child Guardians, Inc. is to help abused, neglected, or abandoned children through its direct funding of children’s needs, and through support of organizations serving these children in the Florida counties of Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa and Walton.

We pursue our mission by developing and managing our resources, enabling us to: directly fund educational, social, physical, medical, and/or clothing needs of these children; promote community awareness of these children’s needs; and assist with the recruitment, retention and support of volunteers serving these children.

 Board Members

  • Steve Allen
  • Mary Bush
  • Carol Calfee
  • Lillie Fuller
  • Erin Haslag
  • Kaffey Hinds
  • Lee Hinds
  • Sue Markham
  • Tanya Nelson
  • Lori Potts
  • Vicky Schlenker
  • Diane Scott
  •  Wes Shoemaker
  • Carol Calfee
  • Andrea Wallace

Advisory Board Members

  • Lisa Bernau
  • Tammy Dillard
  • Jim Hendricks
  • Sharon Hess-Herrick
  • Diane Gup
  • Philomena Madden
  • Ed Marsch
  • Katherine Teegarden

How To Help


National Resources

Using the resources presented here, educate yourself, and “one child at a time”, assist us in providing funding for the unmet needs of our most vulnerable children.

National Hotline for Child Abuse:  1-800-799-7233

Training Opportunity

Available anytime – from anywhere!  For on-line training resources, please click on the link below.

Center for Child Welfare


National Kids Count Data For Florida & US Web Version

Statistics related to the population of the four counties served, types of maltreatment, and ages of children who are victims of maltreatment.


Prevention of Child Abuse


Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

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2014 PCO Golf Tournament

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September 26th & September 27th, 2014

Please mark your calendars now and plan to participate in this Premier Charity Golf Event in Pensacola, Florida

PCO Registration 

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The Panhandle Charitable Open (PCO) is dedicated to serving the needs of our community with emphasis on elderly care, special needs situations for children and feeding the hungry. The PCO focuses its funding on committed, grass roots organizations that rely strongly on volunteer efforts and where foundation support will make a significant difference. All of the net proceeds from our efforts go directly to local charity.

The success in recent years of the PCO ePanhandle Charitable Opennabled our board to donate over $400,000 to charities such as Child Guardians, Inc., Gulf Coast Kid’s House, Council on Aging of West Florida, ARC Gateway, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Florida, Independence for the Blind, American Cancer Society, and Covenant Hospice. The primary charities for 2014 are Child Guardians, Inc., Council on Aging of West Florida, and Gulf Coast Kid’s House. Increasing the number of charities which participate highlights a goal of the PCO to continue to expand the impact and reach of our golf tournament. The PCO has continued to grow in popularity and success each year.





Good Morning!

Just think what it would be like for every child in America (even if they are victims of maltreatment) to wake up feeling this way!


Assisting high needs youth in accessing higher education

Check out for tip sheets, podcasts, and more. NAEHCY also offers a toll-free helpline to assist young people, and professionals seeking to help young people, in accessing higher education. The helpline information is (855) 446-2673 (toll-free) or Thank you again!

Higher EducationHigher Education

On a regular basis, children and youth report that school is a home to them – a place where they see the same faces, sit in the same seat, and can put their hearts and minds into pursuits that ease their daily troubles.

Understanding Child Neglect

Understanding Why Some Children are Neglected

If you see neglect or abuse call the Florida Abuse Hotline at 800-962-2873, if you see a child in immediate danger call 911.

Neglect is rarely a willful act. Most parents want to be good parents, but have trouble dealing with the STRESS caused by:

1. Emotional Problems. Parents who neglect their children generally have a very poor self-image. Often they were denied love and praise during their own childhoods. Lack of support from relatives, friends and the community combined with possible marital problems may leave parents feeling lonely, isolated, trapped and depressed.

2. Financial Difficulties. Without enough money, daily life can be very stressful. Many parents must struggle just to provide food and clothing for their children. Poor housing conditions, which parents feel powerless to improve, make matters worse. Tensions can continue to build unless parents get the help they need.

3. Limited Parenting Skills. Some neglectful parents are insecure. They know very little about raising children and have no one to turn to for help. Their only role models are their own parents – who may have neglected them. Following their parents’ example means that the vicious cycle of neglect continues.

4. Drug/Alcohol Abuse. Using alcohol or other drugs as an escape only creates more problems. The effects of alcohol or other drugs limit a parent’s ability to properly care for children.


Thank you, Knights of Columbus Council 7027

Thank you!

The Knights of Columbus Council 7027 present a check for $7,500 to Child Guardians, Inc.!!    The Board says, “Thank you for including us as a recipient of funds from  the Smokin’ in the Square BBQ Contest!”  100% of the funds are dedicated to meeting the needs of abused, neglected, and abandoned children.



April is recognized as National Child Abuse Prevention Month. This month is set aside to recognize the ways we can work together — as families, communities and a nation — to reduce the number of children abused by their caregivers. Social service workers across the country try to keep families together while ensuring the child’s safety. Research documents that removing a child from their home is often more traumatic to a child than remaining in home where they are a victim of maltreatment.  Social services and law enforcement agencies around the country have the difficult task of protecting those who cannot protect themselves –  with as little disruption as possible for the child.

Many people do not know that child abuse laws were first brought about as a result of laws against the cruelty to animals. It took until 1974 for the first federal child protection legislation to be passed. The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) has been in effect through our states and tribes since. Child Abuse Prevention Month was first proclaimed for April in 1983 and since has become a national way to bring to light the challenges and solutions to preventing child abuse and neglect.

Join us today in reducing child abuse, neglect, and abandonment, and when we can’t – try to bring a little normalcy to children removed from their homes…”one child at a time.”

Let us Not Forget!

Let us not forget….the children
Join the community in remembering
those children who have been abused,
abandoned, and neglected.

When: Wednesday April 9, 2014

Time : 4:30 pm

Where: Pavilion at South Riverwalk
Willing Street
Milton, FL 32570

“ I am for the child ”

New Video Available

Can you devote 12 minutes to better understand the world of abuse and neglect?  Watch this video!