April is recognized as National Child Abuse Prevention Month. This month is set aside to recognize the ways we can work together — as families, communities and a nation — to reduce the number of children abused by their caregivers. Social service workers across the country try to keep families together while ensuring the child’s safety. Research documents that removing a child from their home is often more traumatic to a child than remaining in home where they are a victim of maltreatment.  Social services and law enforcement agencies around the country have the difficult task of protecting those who cannot protect themselves –  with as little disruption as possible for the child.

Many people do not know that child abuse laws were first brought about as a result of laws against the cruelty to animals. It took until 1974 for the first federal child protection legislation to be passed. The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) has been in effect through our states and tribes since. Child Abuse Prevention Month was first proclaimed for April in 1983 and since has become a national way to bring to light the challenges and solutions to preventing child abuse and neglect.

Join us today in reducing child abuse, neglect, and abandonment, and when we can’t – try to bring a little normalcy to children removed from their homes…”one child at a time.”