April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

  Pinwheels for Child Abuse Prevention If you see one of 70,000 pinwheels planted across Florida, the Governor’s Office hopes you’ll think of National Child Abuse Prevention Month this April. And kids will know they’re safe. 44,582 reports of child abuse. Just in Florida. Just last year. Most victims were under 5 years old.  …

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FREE handouts to share

I have attached two FREE handouts for you to contemplate….what are the implications for policies and programs for children who are victims of child abuse, neglect, and abandonment? Note:  There are discussion topics to think about, share, and discuss at the end of the pdf documents.  Both handouts include information on verified cases only from the year 2012…

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Abuse Reports Increase after Summer

The end of summer signals the return to school and abuse reports increase. Some children and youth have gone to summer camp, hung out with their friends, learned to swim, or played a LOT of video games.  Others kids didn’t have such a great summer; they may have been abused, neglected, or abandoned.   Young…

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Children in Crisis

I hope you did not miss the 8-part series in the Pensacola News Journal, beginning on April 26, 2015.    The series title, “Children in Crisis”, includes a subtitle, “Violence, neglect or rape affect an estimated 1 out of 19 kids in our area. In 2014, one out of 14 children in Escambia County was…

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Mark your Calendars: 9/24-26, 2015

Proceeds benefit local charities, including the following: Child Guardians, Inc. Gulf Coast Kid’s House Council on Aging of West Florida Ashley Lauren Offerdahl Endowment for Children’s Home Society of Florida September 24 –  6-10 p.m: Dinner and Silent Auction at the Sanders Beach Community Center, Pensacola, Florida September 25-26 Tournament at March Pointe Golf Club,…

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Food Savings Now!

A lack availability of adequate, healthy food is a critical indicator of neglect.  Nutritional food is critical for child health.   Have you checked to see if there is a One Harvest  food program in your area? The program is open to everyone-without eligibility requirements-offers wonderful food, and is a great way to stretch your…

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