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Help Needed!!  No Cost to You!!!

You could mention any (or any combination) of the following:

help needed from a different perspective

Help Needed From a Different Perspective!

1. A high percentage of our funds (97-98%) donated to Child Guardians, Inc. go directly to children who have been abused or neglected.
2.  The all-volunteer board gets a lot of work accomplished even though they are all professionals.
3.  The kids identified for the program (kids that are neglected or abused) have extraordinary needs that are not met by other agencies or programs – Child Guardians “fills in the gaps” between programs.
4.  Some of the kids from the program that have benefitted include – little babies that have medical needs not covered by Medicaid, middle school students who would like to participate in sports (but can’t buy the equipment or uniforms), kids with mental health needs, dental services (that are not covered by other programs), eye glasses, graduation expenses, etc.

How About a Few More Facts?

5.  Child Guardians is a non-profit with 30 years of experience.  The organization helps hundreds of children every year.
6.  Foster parents have a place to go for assistance.  They  receive the funding they need in a very short time – with very little assistance.
7.  I now know a lot of new information from the postings on the website ( about child abuse, neglect, and reporting incidents related to maltreatment through the hotlines, website, or by fax.
8.  I learned a lot about statistics, reporting, and resources for children and their parents or foster parents on the website
9.  I am a fan on the Facebook page, and I receive a lot of useful information.
10.  I love the tweets and retweets from @ChildguardiansI – there is a lot of useful information in them from a wide variety of sources.
11. I found Child Guardians, Inc. through LinkedIn.  They seem to be very interested in communicating through social media.
Thank you in advance for your assistance!

2 Comments On “Help Needed”

  1. I wish you could have a program when Child Protective Services,Judges and Authorities fail to do their jobs to protect the children, you guys have a program that would help those families or moms to find a way to help their kids. The Authorities in Las Vegas failed really bad and my kids are continuing being abused.

    • Michele,

      We would encourage you to contact the Child Protective Services in Las Vegas and find out how you can be involved in solving the complicated issue of child abuse and neglect. There are programs, such as CASA, where you can volunteer to be a child advocate for a child in the court system.

      We would also encourage you to work with Child Protective Services in your state to remain involved in the care of children. If you suspect continued abuse or neglect, it is your responsibility to report information related to the situation.

      It’s the law! Report suspected abuse, neglect, or abandonment
      * In Florida, call 1-800-962-2873.
      * Not in Florida – call the national hotline: 1-800-799-7233.

      The best deterrent to child abuse in our community is reporting!!

      This information is courtesy of:
      Child Guardians, Inc.

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