Prevent Child Abuse – We CAN do it!

Prevent Child Abuse

Prevent Child Abuse Louisiana produced and shared this infographic.  Change the statistics to apply to your community – and the message will be powerful.  @pcaLouisiana

 For information in Florida, visit, @childguardiansI

Prevent Child Abuse

The Road to Prevent Child Abuse

6 Comments On “Prevent Child Abuse – We CAN do it!”

  1. In 700 Iroquois Ave Louisville Kentucky 40214
    There is a woman Mexican who 6 children in the House she doesn’t any Immigration status from 4PM till 12 midnight she lelfted the other 5 with a 19 years old beat a litle girl of two years in her eyes last two month and now she pout the other kneel down ontill midnight slap them in faces the mother kick the father out because he don’t the way they treated thoes children and now the don’t pay the bank goings take the house verry soon thing you guys came to help the children thy’re in the street it cool right now the best time to came round 6:00 PM eccpted Saturday and Sunday
    6 children with the woman

    • Rodriguez,
      This website should not be used for reporting issues or problems. Call the National Hotline Number at 1-800-799-07233 to report suspected abuse or neglect.

      Somcere, (On behalf of Child Guardians, Inc,)

  2. A have a woman in my life who has told everyone she iz with child and hes mine. She refuses to go get proof from the doctor. I have been theatned, stole from, my car has been broke paperwork and small items missing. She has been spoted around my place of residence, my school, my friends house who lives far away. She has theatned femal acquaintses and tried to kidnapp the little girl. She has stole money off my card, she has tolx my family that i do not try to be in the little girls life. Also she copied the vehicle identification number so she could track my info through on star.

    • Wilarn,

      This website can not be used for reporting issues or problems. Call the National Hotline Number at 1-800-799-07233 to report suspected abuse or neglect or call your local police for assistance.

      Sincerely, (On behalf of Child Guardians, Inc,)

  3. I want to report a child neglect and abuse case but im afraid putting him in the system would be just as bad as leaving him with his pill popping/snorting piece of crap mother. He’s 8 and has never been to school. When you ask him why he gets really mad and says i dont want to talk about it…idk what to do

    • Amy,
      Sometimes it is hard to report, but it is the law. If you think a child is being abused or neglected, report. It is up to the responding agency to determine if something is wrong. Sometimes the family just needs a little help.

      It’s the law! Report suspected abuse, neglect, or abandonment in Florida, call 1-800-962-2873.
      The national hotline is 1-800-799-7233.
      The best deterrent to child abuse in our community is reporting!!

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