Sarah, a story of an abandoned child

Sarah, a 17-year-old female attending a local high school as a junior, was abandoned by her parents at the age of 12. She has moved through 8 foster homes in 5 years.  Sara is behind in school, but making a strong effort to catch up by takihigh-school-girl-writingng on-line courses at school.  She is trying to earn enough credits in time to graduate. Sarah’s guidance counselor puts together a plan that should ensure a graduation with her peers, but Sarah needs to put in more time at home.  The current foster home placement with the Smiths is going well, but the Smiths are older and do not have Internet access.  Child Guardians steps in to purchase a laptop computer for Sarah’s personal use.  The Smiths agree to fund the Internet service.  Sarah is doing well, and on her way to graduate on time.  





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